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Frequently Asked Questions

With the advancing technology and machines, we try to be well-equipped for any kind of a treatment at our centre. The wards have high-quality monitors, ventilators, central oxygen system, BiPAP machines and other such equipment that are essential for a patient who is recovering from a serious illness.
The physical presence and the support of a patient’s family is critical in the recovery process. Keeping this in mind, we let the patients’ loved ones be around for a reasonable amount of time. We also have a designated waiting area for the patient’s family. Although depending on the condition of the patient, the visiting hours may vary.
It is always recommended that the patient takes a regular follow-up with the doctor (whom he/she was under) once in a while after being discharged.
The patient is discharged from our centre only when we see them fit to get back to their normal routine. The probability of collapsing and all emergency situations are avoided at all times. Few basic steps that can be followed after taking the patient home are keeping their surroundings clean and infection free, not bringing any changes in their diet plan immediately and always consulting the doctor before bringing any new change.
The Transition Care Center is located in Saket with a few major hospitals at disposal. In any emergency situation, the patient can be easily transferred to a nearby hospital for extensive care or a surgery.
A patient’s physical and mental condition is evaluated thoroughly once they move into Porvoo post any kind of a surgery on the basis of the assessment forms filled by the doctors and the nurses.
Our centre has the facility of a cafeteria on the terrace where the attendants or the visitors can sit and have their own meals as of now, however the provision of an operational canteen will be available soon.
Incase a patient needs to fly from anywhere outside India, an air ambulance can be arranged.
It is our constant endeavor to provide excellent and compassionate care to all our patients at affordable rates. For specific information about how much our services costs, please call us on +91 9873939777 or email at
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