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About Porvoo

In the current healthcare scenario in India, a patient requiring services like Critical Care or Post- Surgery Care has two options: either being admitted to a hospital or simulating such a facility at home.

Providing the above services for a patient in a hospital is expensive, whereas keeping the patient at home requires critical care equipment, skilled medical professionals and trained helpers. Chances of infection and lack of immediate assistance can be additional emotional and physical stress points for the family.

That’s why Porvoo, the transition care center is the perfect solution. A transition point between a home and a hospital, where patient care can be administered with the utmost efficiency, compassion, and in a home-like environment. With the latest medical equipment and a team of critical care specialist doctors and nurses, it delivers fast and effective recovery to patients with any kind of ailments.

Why Porvoo?

Medical Expertise

At Porvoo, our patient’s recovery process is supervised by a team of adept medical professionals. Our center is equipped with all medical equipment required to support critical patient.

Home-Like Environment

We strongly believe that along with medical care a patient’s recovery process is enhanced by the surrounding environment. Our center is being designed keeping the above in mind. As a policy we encourage family meetings and family members staying with patients for reasonable time periods.

Affordable Quality Care

Porvoo provides the best-in-class medical care at an affordable rate.