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Critical Care and Intensive Care

After undergoing an invasive or a complicated surgery, a patient requires 24x7 supervision and assistance in various activities. Post a surgery it is decided whether the patient would require Critical Care or Intensive care.

There is a very thin line that sets critical care apart from intensive care (ICU). Not many health facilities have separate units for both. A patient can be shifted from critical care to intensive care or vice versa depending on their health condition.

Critical care unit is a specialised form of intensive care unit. The critical care unit deals mostly with patients who have cardiac problems such as a heart attack, cardiac arrest or any other complication that comes up during a heart surgery. Thus the critical care unit is cardiac specific. On the other hand intensive care unit is for patients who are intubated for food supply or breathing.

The heart being one of the most sensitive parts of our body requires extra monitoring and attention which clearly means that a long treatment plan is required for heart patients. Whereas the ICU also deals with serious problems like organ failure but has relatively short term treatment plans. In both types of care the doctors and nurses need to be the quick decision makers and have to be prepared for unexpected complications.

Why Choose Us for Critical and Intensive Care?

At Porvoo transition care center, our main aim is to help the patients recover and get them back to their normal routine and lifestyle. Patients are often supported through various machines or by inserting uncomfortable equipment like tubes, wires or cables in their body. These equipment help them to breath as well as monitor their vital signs like pulse rate, blood pressure, etc on a regular basis. The patient is considered fit to go home only after their dependency on these equipment reduces and he/she can perform all bodily functions efficiently.