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Additional Services

A patient chooses the facility of a transition care centre to avail all recovery services at affordable rates with a home like setting. Porvoo is a one stop solution for patients who require critical care, post-operative care, ICU care and nursing care. These types of services may involve additional services like physiotherapy, sleep study, EEG/ECG and also ambulance services. These facilities enhance the recovery process of the patient and bring them back to their normal routine.


Physiotherapy is the physical therapy given to patients with chronic pains, tissue injuries, arthritis etc. Our physiotherapist works in coordination to other treatments (if any) the patient is following. As prescribed, the correct exercises are demonstrated for the patient to recover much sooner and faster. Physiotherapy is an excellent aid to proper healing of joints and muscle mobilisation.

According to the advice of the doctor, a clear and specific course of treatment is devised for the patient’s condition or problem. Physiotherapy helps the patient to be get back to their feet and walk towards their normal routine.


The two main organs of our body: Brain and Heart need to work in sync with other bodily functions. For them to be in tune, most of the patients have to avail these services. The well-trained nurses and certified doctors detect and evaluate the tests of the patient to avoid any complications in the process of recovery.

EEG is used to help diagnose conditions such as seizures, epilepsy, head injuries, dizziness, headaches and brain tumours. This is made possible by observing electrical impulses in the brain, which can indicate any possible abnormalities in functioning. The test is also used to detect possible sleep disorders, which can further lead to sleep study.
ECG monitors the heart's status in many situations. It is recommended to patients who have recently had a critical surgery or are at a risk of a heart disease. It provides information related to the heart rate and the stability of blood pressure or any signs of heart attack.

During both of these procedures doctors advise the patient to avoid talking and lie still as it may interrupt the tracing. Our nurses are present at all times with assistance in case the patient is feeling uncomfortable. All the information is shared pre and post the procedure is conducted for the patient to have full transparency.