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Post-Operative Care

Once the patient is out of surgery; all the loved ones wish to take them back to their “comfort” zone but would it be the safe zone too? Transition Care Center being the transition between the hospital and the home, offer patients with utmost care before the patient is ready to accept the exterior environment. The patient requires post-operative care for pain management and wound care. The care may vary with the surgery the patients have had.

There would be a higher possibility for the patient to be affected either physically or emotionally after surgery. To prevent any recurrence of serious disease or infection the nurses monitor vital signs, airway patency, and neurological status from time to time.

Who Are in Need of Post-Operative Care?


Patients who had surgery the same day they were admitted. They needn’t stay overnight in the hospital. It includes patients with Chronic Disease like Diabetes, Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Ischaemic Heart disease, etc. The patient once discharged from the hospital can take a facility of Transition Care Center to avoid postoperative problems.


Patients who require long term post-operative care after they are transferred to the initial recovery room. Post-operative care is important but at the hospital can be expensive too. Thus, the Transition Care Center with similar equipment provides ultimate care at affordable rates to the patient.

Why Choose Post-Operative Care with Us?

Porvoo, as a Transition Care Center makes sure that the patient is given the prescribed medical care without any interference. Every patient has their own pace of recovery and we respect that. We allow the patient to have limited movement to promote overall healing before they are ready to be home.

Since the patient is in an extremely vulnerable condition, they are never left unsupervised. Our facility is well equipped to cater to Post-surgery care of various departments such as Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology, etc. At every stage of recovery, we try to motivate the patient to be in better condition. Our nurses just don’t comfort the patient but also reassures the family or the loved ones towards a positive recovery.