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Additional Services

A patient chooses the facility of a transition care centre to avail all recovery services at affordable rates with a home like setting. Porvoo is a one stop solution for patients who require critical care, post-operative care, ICU care and nursing care. These types of services may involve additional services like physiotherapy, sleep study, EEG/ECG and also ambulance services. These facilities enhance the recovery process of the patient and bring them back to their normal routine.


Sleeping is essential for normal functioning of the body. It not only plays an important role in the mental health of a person but can also affect the physical health. Sleep deficiency can increase heart problems, higher blood pressure etc.

Sleep study is a test recorded to check the sleep disorder of the patient. Diagnosis of sleep disorders like sleep walking and talking also require sleep study. During the process, the EEG monitors the sleep cycles and disturbances the patient is facing during sleep.

With our new state-of-the-art sleep study unit, we help the patient gather more conclusive evidence to heal from sleep disorders. This study is conducted while the patient is in deep sleep.


Many people with a facility of car at their home may think of carrying the patient themselves to the hospital or the Transition Care Center. But in some situations when the patients’ had a stroke, it is recommended to call an ambulance. It is the fastest treatment that can be provided to the patient as it helps in avoiding the risk of brain damage or another stroke.

The ambulance is well-equipped with life-support systems and an emergency unit to ensure maximum care of the patient while on the road. If there is any emergency, please call for the ambulance nearest to you. We have a 24x7 ambulance available for all kinds of emergencies at all times. Our ambulance service is also available to patients for transitional care.

“Your health is our priority; we will never risk it with negligence.”