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Transition Care

Transition care is the care given to a patient after a hospital treatment and before a patient goes back home. Transition care centres strive towards helping patients who require post operative care, critical care, nursing care, etc. to recover faster and resume their daily life.

Patients requiring the above generally exhibit unstable vital parameters, low GCS scores and a variety of other issues due to the criticality of the disease/surgery. Our aim is to ensure that through our long-term care plans the patient becomes stable enough to be shifted back home into his/her routine life.

Services like these are the need of the hour as they reduce the load on hospitals and simultaneously provide a patient with a medically equipped home like setting for long recovery periods. Long term care at a hospital or a home can also be financially draining. This is also one of the advantages of a transition care centre due to their affordable nature.

Depending on the health of the patient, a plan is devised to help the patient regain their vitality and return home. Knowing how every person needs care in their own way, our centre is equipped to take care of them.

Elderly Patients
With the growing age people become more vulnerable to illnesses, which may limit their mobility. Such patients need constant care with personal hygiene and medical treatment.
Patients with Advanced Cancer
With the prolonged Cancer treatments, patients require hospital facilities for pain relief, treatment, nutrition, and general medication. The patient also requires constant supervision under a highly qualified nurse.
Patients Recovering from Stroke/Paralysis/Orthopaedic Procedures
Stroke patients require hospital care for the first 2-7 days. Post the above intensive treatment and investigations are over, they can be cared for in a transition care center, until they have sufficiently recovered to be taken home from the facility.
Patients with Dementia or Psychological Disorders
Patients with mental illness require full time nursing care once shifted from the hospital. The patient is better looked after in a setting that has outstanding medical facilities at affordable rates with the presence of their dear ones around.
At-risk Patients or Patients with a Pre-existing Health Condition
For patients who have a pre-existing condition (such as high blood pressure or diabetes), it requires regular monitoring of the vitals, and GCS score and avoid any kind of risk associated with it.

Key Focus Areas in Transition care

Bladder Care
Bladder problems occur due to kidney infections. Bladder care involves managing the patient’s catheter and changing it at frequent intervals. This helps to prevent the chances of infection. It is monitored by our doctors and nurses, making sure that the patient is relaxed and comfortable.
Speech Therapy
A stroke has a big impact on neurological functioning. It affects the speech of the patient too. Language and neurological functioning are closely linked. A speech therapist is assigned to help the patient communicate effectively. In consultation with our doctors and nurses, our speech therapists formulate effective care plans for the patients.
Tracheostomy Care
A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure to keep the tracheal tube clean. An opening is made in the windpipe through the neck, to allow a passage of oxygen into the lungs. The tube is cleaned at every stage, especially before insertion and after removal. Our doctors and nurses have many years of experience in administering tracheostomy care for patients with respiratory difficulties.

Why Choose Transition Care with us?

Transition care at affordable rates becomes the most viable solution for patients for long-term recovery. Sometimes it is very difficult for a family to fulfill the medical needs of at-home patients. Unknowingly, the care-giving loved ones may hamper their own health, which will in turn affect the patient’s health too. Porvoo provides round-the-clock care to the patients at the centre with the best of nurses and doctors, that assures the well-being of the patient and their loved ones.